A Community. 

That's what we are. Whether it's the school district, neighbors, or the city as a whole ... we are a community that shares in the values of celebrating our history and embracing the future. 

We take pride in having true neighborhood schools, with small class sizes where teachers (and parents) know all the childrens' names. We harvest vegetables together in the community garden. We greet our neighbors, catching up with familiar faces and welcoming new ones. We crowd the streets for the annual Memorial Day and Vets Parades, both historic traditions in Bellevue. We help shovel our neighbors' sidewalks in the snow and mow their grass during the summer. 

The story of Bellevue and its schools, much like other communities, are intertwined. When one part succeeds, the other does as well. The sense of engagement and community that one part has, naturally filters into the other half. That is why this site exists -- to tell the stories of not only the school system, but the community that is the heart of Bellevue. Two halves to the same story.

Whether you are born and bred Bellevue, new to the community, or considering joining us -- we hope you will find a place to write your chapter in that story.